Who is 3D Virtual Market ?

The website www.3dvirtualmarket.com is the property of the French company SAS 3D Virtual Market - 22 Boulevard Charles Moretti - 13014 Marseille - N°Siret 808 632 863 00011 - 808 632 863 R.C.S Marseille.

All the 3d models sell on the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com are created by 3D Virtual Market's staff.

Why and how to register me ?

Why to register me ?

To buy or download a 3d model on the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com, you necessarily have to join.

How to register me ?

To register, click on Sign In then on No Account ? Create one here.

Fill the form and accept the General Terms.

Please indicate your valid personal information in the registration form.

A confirmation email will be sent to you by mail at the following address.

If you have never received our email, please be aware that it may be in different places: Spam folder, junk mail, filters and Gmail tabs...

In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat or the Contact tab, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Registration on the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com is completly free.

How and Why to subscribe to our newsletter ?

You can subscribe to our newsletter from your "Your Personal Information" account or from the home page of the site.

The newsletters keep you informed of news and upcoming offers on the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com.

The subscription gives you the right to free downloads of BOX Newsletter, only visible and reserved for our customers who subscribe to our newsletters.

These offered Box Newsletter of exclusive 3D Models are regularey renuwed and only available for download the day after your registration.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on Unsubscribe at the bottom of the page of the received newsletters or in your personnal information which will remove you from the list of subscribers and therefore from the category of BOX Newsletter.

If you wish to re-register, you can do so on the home page of the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com.

What are the available tools in My Account ?

In My Account, you have different tools like :

Information : Consult and modify your personal information.

Every user has to inform correct information.

Addresses : Here, you can consult and modify your billing address.

Order History and Details : Here, you can consult and download (in pdf) your invoices.

Vouchers : Here, you can consult all your coupons and your promotional code.

My Wishlist : Allow you to form a list of intention of purchases and to memorize it.

You can add a 3d models to the wishlist by the product page or by the quick view access.

The wishlist isn't a contractual commitment on a sale to come.

It's only a service which 3D Virtual Market offer to his customers.

My Downloads : Here, you can download all your bought 3d models.

How to buy a 3d model ?

First, you must register to be able to order on our website.To do this, follow the registration step and confirm your email.

You can buy a 3d models by clicking on Add to Cart in the 3d models page or by clicking in Cart button in the Quick View Access.

When you Add to Cart a 3d models, you can Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout.

After payment, you receive an email with a link to download your purchased items and your invoice.

All your invoices are available and downlodable (in pdf) in My Account, Order History and Details.

All your bought 3d models are downloadable in My Account, My Downloads.

Which are the differents payment method ?

You can pay by Paypal or by Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / CB).

Is the payment method safe ?

Payment is secured by Paypal.

No banking information are saved on the website.

May I ask for a specific format ?

On the product sheet of 3d model, it's specified which formats are available for the selected 3d model.

No other format than those presents on the product sheet of the desired model can't be supplied.

How may I download / download again purchased items ?

You can used the link to download your purchased items you have received by email.

You can download all your bought 3d models in My Account, My Downloads.

How can I get a Box Bonus and free 3D Models ?

After registering and confirmation of your email, you can order your free Box Bonus and 3d models by following the usual purchase steps.

First, you have to proceed to checkcout and enter your personal information.

When you'll be agree with our terms of use, you could valid your order.

Attention: Please note that this is totally free of charge and that no payment will be carried out following the purchase of these 3d models , even if it says "order with obligation to pay". Don't worry it's free !!!

When all the steps are valid, you can download your file from your created account via "My downloads" or from your email.

How to do a claim ?

For any claim, you can announce your discontent by the tab Contact.

3D Virtual Market is committed to take of your comment as soon as possible.

The 3d model I downloaded isn't consistent with that of the product sheet.

You have to inform 3D Virtual Market by the tab Contact.

You must send the defective file's name, the defective file's reference and the number of your invoice to 3D Virtual Market.

3D Virtual Market is committed to check the defective file and to correct it as soon as possible.

If 3D Virtual Market can't solve the problem, 3D Virtual Market will refund you as soon as possible.

How can I unsubscribe me ?

If you want to unsubscribe, you have to inform 3D Virtual Market by the tab Contact.

3D Virtual Market then agrees to close your account within a time-limit of fifteen (15) calendar days