Our Society

Project Creator: Edmond Garnier

Edmond Garnier, an Artist turned decorator

Its strength lies in the creation of original concepts and virtualization. Its 3D concepts allow the client to have an architectural and decorative approach to the project, to anticipate the ergonomics of the premises according to the activity and to visualize the future layout in order to make the right decisions together.

Who are we ?

Our activity amounts to th on-line sale of virtual objects (3D) through our web site www.3dvirtualmarket.com.

These virtual objects (3D) can be free or paying.

Why this web site ?

At the beginning, we are an interior architeture studio (society DCA) specialized in CHR interior design.

Since 10 years, we create all our projects in 3d.

After this years of experience, we have noticed that we are having a lot of specificals 3d models.

3D Virtual Market is born.

Through this website www.3dvirtualmarket.com, we offer to architects, designers (...) a specifical 3d models selection on the theme of interior design.

Our characteristic is to propose 3d models collection called "Boxs 3d".

With this "Boxs 3d", we propose to our customers selections of 3d models around a specifical theme (English Pub interior design, Saino interior design, furniture collection,...).

Our Team

Our team consists of 3d inforgrapfist working on software such as 3d Studio Max and Lightwave 3D.

Interior Design, our specification

Most of the 3d models sold in the website are based on real world models.

Our team is regarding on the 3d models modelisation's quality.

This modelisation's quality is highlighted in DCA society's 3d projects.

You can see here some exemple of projects realized by DCA society which used 3d models available in the website www.3dvirtualmarket.com.