From Painting to Architecture

Edmond Garnier, an Artist turned decorator

After a Bachelor's degree in Economics and interrupted law studies, he could not resist his passion for art and became a specialist in airbrush painting in the 1980s. His works, his monumental, hyperrealistic frescoes take place in major Marseilles establishments. This resulted in the interior decoration, with the Red Lion, his first project that became legendary, a gigantic Victorian Pub on the Corniche de Marseille. Thanks to many encounters and his dazzling reputation that would shake up his career, he then specialized in this sector.

He opened his DCA agency, Décoration Concept Aménagement, specialising in the design of projects concerning the development of public places, preferably in the CHR (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants...) and carried out numerous projects throughout France.

An accomplished 2D artist, he also virtualizes all his interior projects in 3D and daily enriches his virtual database, which will inspire his recent site of 3D model collections, 3D Virtual Market.

A looming vocation as an interior designer

E.G: Self-taught draftsman, I became a painter specialized in the reproduction of masterpieces and the design of mural frescoes from 1987 to 1997. My works, exhibited in public places in Marseille, allowed me to be in contact with all the building trades and finally to gradually advise my clients in the development, which will be the trigger for my first activity as an interior designer in 1997.

Typical projects

E.G : We are specialized in the design and construction of establishments related to the food industry, namely bars, brasseries, restaurants, hotels, casinos...

Strengths and particularities of the sector

E.G : Our strength is the creation of original concepts through virtualization. These 3D concepts make it possible to give the client an architectural and decorative approach to the project, to anticipate the ergonomics of the premises according to the activity and to visualize the future layout in order to make the right decisions together. The advantage of this system is that once established, the 3D database can be reused in different locations in a minimum of time. As each concept is defined by codes such as lighting, furniture, floor,... if the places of application, i. e. the room changes, the codes do not change.

This is why, after more than a hundred virtualized and realized architectural projects, a desire to evolve and transmit my know-how, I wanted to share my many modelled objects on my new 3D site, 3D Virtual Market. I have therefore created and put online my collections of 3D models so that other professionals can quickly model institutions and benefit directly from my 20 years of experience.

The method of operation

E.G : I listen to the customer in his willingness to implement an atypical concept or not. Every project is developed with its close involvement for the optimization of the result. Depending on the inspiration and theme chosen by the client, we share with him the decorative, ergonomic and technical analysis of his project. We work on IT, this allows the client to visualize the project in classic architectural plans but also in 3D. We adapt to each style and virtualize each establishment, which allows us, with our 3D images, to choose new collections of 3D objects that will indirectly feed the site of real projects.

The most important projects of the moment

E.G: I recently completed the interior design of two splendid Casinos, Beaulieu sur mer and Cavalaire, on the Côte d'Azur; Two old buildings to which I have integrated modern codes while obviously respecting their history. I also appreciated the fact of working on the atypical restaurant: L'Oberge Espagnole in Nîmes or Le Callahan in Besançon which is a Pub with an Irish spirit and I share the latest 3D models on the site.

The future of 3D and the evolution of our site

E.G.: Obviously, 3D has become part of our way of life and has been integrated into several fields: Architecture, Cinema, Health, etc. Everything is so modelizable. Considered at the time as a novelty, it now makes it possible, for example, to facilitate our daily lives with Gps and their 3D plan or to entertain us with increasingly realistic games thanks to virtual and augmented realities. I can tell you that the appearance of the VR, which is not a new invention and is also becoming more widespread, will surely be our next step to enable our customers and all users of the site to visualize their interiors in real time. 

That is why we are considering, among other things, moving into this area. I also think that our work allows us to generate raw materials, so why not imagine the 3D printing of our objects on the site. I know, in any case, that we will have to adapt constantly as this technology evolves tirelessly and as the future is already here!