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Kelly Lamps Collection Studio Italia - 3d Models


Series of 3d graphic indoor metal lamps 

3d dome with laser cut openings to bring light into your interiors.

4 3d models included in this box "Kelly Lamps Collection Studio Italia - 3d Models"

Dimensions of the various 3d lamps:

1/. Kelly Dome Pendant Lamp : L.50 x H.106 x P.50 cms. / 6 212 polygons and 6 066 vertices.

2/. Kelly Cluster Pendant Lamp : L.59 x H.165 x P.59 cms. / 59 836 polygons and 58 091 vertices.

3/. Kelly Sphere Pendant Lamp : L.80 x H.171 x P.80 cms. / 12 214 polygons and 11 905 vertices.

4/. Kelly Table Lamp : L.28 x H.18 x P.28 cms. / 18 009 polygons and 17 594 vertices.

For more informations about this box "Kelly Lamps Collection Studio Italia - 3d Models" you can consult the pdf file in "Attachments"

Technical 3d informations

All the 3d models are created in 3dsmax 2014 and are rendered with vray 3.2.

Each 3d model is available in .max and .obj

All the 3d models, in this box "Kelly Lamp Collection 3d Models" are realized with real world size.

Used textures resolutions: There are only procedural maps.

Bulb lights (Vray light) are included in the 3dsmax file.

Important Remarks

Cameras and lights are not included in the file.

Object dimensions can vary according to used software but the proportions remains the same.

Environment is not included in this 3d file.

Concerning .obj file, only the maps will be apply on the 3d models. Material specifications (reflection, transparency...) will not be applied.


Data sheet

96 271
93 656
Uv Mapped
UV Unwrapped
Native Format
3dsmax 2014
Render Engine
Vray 3.2
Included Formats
.max and .obj

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