Are you looking for ideas and 3D objects for your project design?

Are you looking for ideas and 3D objects for your project design?

Are you interested in the development of public places, preferably Breweries, Casinos, Unique, refined and French restaurants?

In 3D.

You are working with architects, designers, decorators and you want to make a difference by using 3D objects with impeccable style, ergonomic and that have proven their worth in a real project in France?

Work as if you were there with a French designer and decorator, Edmond Garnier!

His achievements in South-East France: Le Red Lion in Marseille, Highlander Pub in Gap, Le Manoir in Aix-en-Provence, Taverne du Prado in Cannes, Eden Plage in St Tropez... He continues with restaurants such as L'Ambassadeur in Paris, 57 in Gardanne, brasseries, hotels and many casinos on French Riviera.

It should be noted that even in France, interior decoration architects specialising in Cafés Hôtels Restaurants are relatively few in number. And, as you know, the only criterion for success is that the client and his decorator are in phase to define the space of a living space. 

How to create an exceptional place?

1/First, take ownership of your customer's location, decipher their needs and formalize their 3D mapping.

This can take from 2 hours to 6 months. All projects are developed with the close involvement of the client to optimize the result according to his inspiration, the chosen theme and the targeted clientele. It is possible to define a concept for a brewery from a chair, a table or a simple decorative element for example.

2/Adapt to all styles, find the added value of the establishment and create a unique place.

For one brewery, the decor will be organized around the famous designer armchair chair "Panton", for another, it is the basins in the toilets in the shape of coffee cups that will be the trigger. The key is to find the unifying theme that will give coherence to the whole.

There are now many open kitchens where the object of decoration will be the oven or the stove. This arrangement is very popular with the public, who see the preparation of their own dish in all transparency, it implies a permanent cleanliness. In each case, the design must be adapted to the client's state of mind.

3/Put in place specifications

For each file, there is a code that leaves no room for improvisation.

Each establishment is a different place where we will rethink the authentic by restructuring existing values. You must understand that it takes character, emotional charge inside to make men and women dream when they come to spend a moment of relaxation.

Not to mention the children, who will become the ambassadors of a playful establishment. Hence the need to choose the right 3D accessories to convince and seduce your customer!

You can test our know-how by downloading one of our 3D Box used for our etablishments.