The rules to follow when choosing outdoor furniture

The rules to follow when choosing outdoor furniture

You have a project and you want to succeed in a quality project?

To start you need to make a list of what you need:

1. What material will I use?

2. What are my client's needs?

3. which style does he prefer?

Choosing outdoor and garden furniture that will last over time and follow the public's wishes is sometimes difficult.

How to create a cosy and functional project ?

1. Choose the right furniture material with our shots packs

The question of material is essential when choosing furniture. It is tempting to give in to trends, but it is better to think in the long term and opt for a quality material, which will have a real and digital quality rendering.

Braided resin is very fashionable because it is quite resistant on the French Riviera and gives a cosy look, perfect for a top-of-the-range exterior. If you mix the materials, also try to keep a graphic coherence in the whole.

2. What are your client's real needs?

Ask the right questions: project targets, information on its targets, budget, calendar of events or passage that will "animate and fill" the outside world.

In short, for whom are you going to create yourself ?

3. Create a sublime exterior, an outdoor living room of your dreams!

You have to listen to the desires, the trend and follow your inspiration in terms of decoration.

Do you want retro, pop, classic from your customer? If he wants a wooden table to host breakfasts, barbecues, cocktails... you can do it all with our complete, detailed, harmonized, inspired packs...

The advantage of garden furniture is that even if it is neutral, it can be decorated as easily as an indoor piece of furniture: a few cushions, a plaid, a tray, a pretty plant... and the exterior is transformed according to trends.

Design !