Accessorize your 3D space as much as possible for your immersive customer scenes.

Accessorize your 3D space as much as possible for your immersive customer scenes.

Match, Organize, Harmonize and Decorate your stage space

on the models of our interior designer Edmond Garnier.

Have an interior or exterior 3D decoration that stands out.

Your objective is to make a real difference to your project manager, to your client by offering him a scene that stands out from the crowd.

Be aware that often it is the details, the colour notes, the materials and the different accessories that will really enhance your place, and therefore your 3D scene.

For a harmonious space, the choice of furniture and accessories is decisive: switches, curtains, cushions, lights... but also decorations such as statues, plants, paintings...

A decorator and interior designer knows how to create this harmony and aestheticism thanks to the accessories he decides to place in the places ordered by his customers.

It is tailor-made and it is with 3DVM 3D models that you can also create a unique place.

Define your needs and objectives

Define with your team, the choice of colors and materials and specialized interior design (statues, furniture, plants, vases, lighting...).

This choice is made according to the positioning, the target audience that we want to attract, seduce, convince...

Depending on your client's objectives and the atmosphere that he wants to create, you will have to select the right elements.

You can take inspiration from our creations in France to project yourself more easily.

A Beach, an exceptional place with an outdoor decoration "French Riviera".

Discover our realization for a restaurant on the beach of Ramatuelle in the Var.

We were asked to create a "French riviera" atmosphere: modern, refined, colourful and chic.

A natural space that harmonizes with the place, a sublime beach on the Var coast, Ramatuelle.

espace lounge

bulldog sculptures

Model according to the specifications to give an overview of the general atmosphere.

Virtualizing spaces according to the specifications is essential to keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create.

For this restaurant project, we had to model original sculptures that could bring a touch of fantasy and added value to this emblematic place.

We also chose refined braided furniture and a few plants to keep the natural spirit of this exterior.

It is therefore necessary to think and imagine your space, to adapt to the desires of your customer, while respecting his budget as well as the technical constraints encountered in the field in real life.

That's why, you must develop a style board, make a "Design brief", define the product choices and the atmosphere for each space.

Our Advice: 

Our 3D OBJECTS will surely help you to exploit, optimize and accessorize the space of your property to enhance it as in our realizations.

adan sculpture

bulldog sculpture

bitta furniture

Enjoy the 3D BOX made by our decoration experts! Kitchen, living room, bar, hotel, restaurant... a unique aesthetic 3D scene.

You're going to take your client !